Why Freemasonry?

Why should I become a Freemason; what are the benefits?

Personal Benefits

It will make you the best version of yourself you can be. But, as with all things in life, you will get out what you put in. It is on par with any relationship, for if you don’t put in any effort, it’s going to be a short and rocky path. Freemasonry works the same way!

You will be rewarded in ways beyond your expectations, it is a positive force in many a person’s life, and has been for many hundreds of years.

You will meet people from many and varied groups, experiences and backgrounds, make some great friends and if you travel abroad to visit lodges, you will walk into a room full of total strangers and immediately be greeted and treated like a long lost friend.

Monetary Benefits

Freemasonry will not make you rich, or famous. As a matter of fact it will actually make you poorer. But that is what charity does, and there are other financial obligations like the yearly Lodge subscription fees.

Social Benefits

If you come to lodge you will definitely make friends. If you are a genuinely nice person, then you will make plenty. If you work hard in lodge, do your thing, – then you will have more friends than you have time for. Some might be from a corporate background, some from local business, some just plain hard-working blue collar types; you name it Freemasonry has it.

Either way, you wont be advantaged in business, as you won’t generate any links, or prospects. We tend to steer clear of doing business, because we would not want any fingers pointed, or accusations of nepotism. Similarly, the Brethren can see straight through you, and fishing for business won’t make you any friends.

Business Benefits

But not unlike a golf club or rugby club or the GAA, you are likely to do business with people you know and trust. You are likely to talk to and seek advice from people you know and trust. You are likely to be supported, and assisted by people who know and trust you. These are some of the benefits.


If you are in it to grow, and learn, then there are plenty of benefits for you. If, like with any other group of people, you seek to abuse their good nature. Then you are are probably going to have a less pleasant stay.

Your local lodge is not interested in receiving applications from men/women seeking benefits; it is interested in men or women who can bring benefits to the Lodge.